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~Own a firearm for protection? For the cost of one hour of our time you can have a one on one in-depth meeting with an attorney to go over all your rights and responsibilities.

Member of a shooting or hunting club? We are happy to give a presentation on these issues to your organization at no charge.


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Firearms, Other Weapons and Self-Defense

~ Homicide/manslaughter cases

- Self Defense

- Accidental or negligent discharge of firearms

- Denial of firearms purchases by the Maryland State Police

- Concealed Weapons Permits denials

- Handgun Permit Review Board appeals

- Unauthorized possession of a machine gun charges

- State dealer licensing issues

 -Return of seized firearms

- Possession of Tasers

- Possession of butterfly knives/switchblades

- And weapons charges of all varieties

NFA Trusts >

~NFA trusts prepared by us- Licensed Maryland lawyers who are available to answer your questions. Flat fee of $399.


~The weapons laws of Maryland are a confusing patchwork of statutes spread out all over the Maryland Code. Throw in the interplay of Federal law and you have a highly complex set of laws that general criminal practitioners often do not fully understand. Additionally with the passage of Maryland's "Assault Weapons" ban there can be serious collateral consequences that the average practitioner just is not aware of. Unfortunately we have seen over the years that prosecutors and police officers do not always understand the intricacies of the law or worse are even completely mistaken about the law. All of the partners at Schaffer & Black have many years of experience prosecuting and defending homicides and other violent crimes. In addition we are all firearms enthusiasts and we bring our non-legal experience as hunters, soldiers and shooting sports participants to the table. Especially now with the Supreme Court Decisions in Heller and McDonald, and the Fourth Circuit Decisions in Woollard, many areas of Second Amendment Law are in a state of flux. It is important to have legal representation that keeps up to date in this area of the law.